How To Find The Correct Psychiatrist For Court Reports?

The Correct Psychiatrist For Court Reports.

How to choose the correct expert psychiatrist? These days’ clients may have many complex mental health needs. For this reason it is important for legal professionals to understand what different specialism’s there are in Psychiatry.

There are 7 different types of Psychiatrists currently working in the National Health Service.

The first is a general adult psychiatrist. They can deal with most common type’s of mental health conditions experienced by adults. These include common conditions like anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our experts in this category are often asked to provide an opinion on fitness to plead and general mental health of clients.

The second type of Psychiatrist is a forensic Psychiatrist. These consultants treat individuals who are in prison, or secure mental health facilities. They have expertise in both mental health and the legal system. They are often asked to provide courts with an expert opinion about fitness to plead or stand in a trial as well as what treatment, prognosis or level of security might be required for clients with mental health needs.

Another type of Psychiatric expert is an intellectual disabilities expert. This type of expert is often called upon in cases involving people with learning disabilities that are due to biological conditions like cerebral palsy, down syndrome or epilepsy. They are called upon in both civil and criminal cases where the need arises.

Then there are old age Psychiatrists who specialise in the mental health of the elderly. They deal with conditions like cognitive impairment and dementia. They are often called upon to give expert opinions in court of protection proceedings and testamentary capacity.

In cases involving children the type of psychiatrist required is a child and adolescent psychiatrist. They are often called upon to provide expert evidence in both criminal and civil cases.

The other two types of psychiatrist are liaison Psychiatrists – whose role is largely in hospital settings– working with patients with both medical and mental health needs.

There also psychiatrists that specialise in psychotherapy that are rarely called upon to produce expert reports.

Whatever your requirements are, you can be sure that is at hand to guide you in finding the correct expert. If you need any help with selecting the correct expert please get in touch.

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How To Find The Correct Psychiatrist For Court Reports.