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Psychiatric reports

Local Authorities

We can assist with psychiatric or psychology reports for our local government clients.

  • All types psychiatric reports and assessments 
  • Independent social work reports
  • Parenting assessments including PAMS and Parent Assessments
  • Psychiatric reports for housing   
  • Old age psychiatry reports 

Legal Profession

We provide high quality psychiatric reports to the legal profession. 

  • Civil and criminal cases
  • Employment tribunals
  • Fitness to stand trial
  • Neuropsychiatry reports
  • Personal injury claims
  • Family and child protection matters
  • Medical Negligence

Business + Individuals

We provide all types of mental health assessments to businesses and individual clients. 

  • Employment Tribunals 
  • Psychological injury assessments
  • Occupational mental health reports
  • Testamentary capacity assessments
  • Court of Protection Assessments (COP3)
  • Power of Attorney mental health assessments
  • Family and child protection matters
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